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General household cleaning

We understand that a home needs a special touch, which is why we treat every home cleaning as if it were ours. We provide a range of services covering Bathrooms, Kitchens, Dusting and Vacuuming and Washing Floors.


Dusting and Vacuuming

All room including the bathroom are dusted top to bottom,including ceiling fans. Working top to bottom clock-wise through out the room, this insures that nothng is missed. The mirrors and any surface glass is also washed during this process.

All rugs and flooring are vacuumed prior to washing. Any rugs that are moveable will be vacuumed, rolled up and put aside so the floor beneath can be properly cleaned.

The couch and chairs with removable cushions are vacuumed and put back together. Blankets are neatly folded and pillows fluffed. Making your furniture inviting for you when you get home.

Bathroom Cleaning

During a general clean, which is the standard clean you will receive every visit, the bathroom will be dusted from the ceiling to the floor. The shower enclosure will be washed and the tub or bottom of the shower scrubbed to remove any soap and shampoo build up. The toliet area including the wall, baseboards and floor around will be scrubbed. During this process we remove any hard water build up. The sink area is then washed including the wall behind were toothpaste, shaving cream and other such things splash up in between cleaning visits. The faucet area is then scrubbed and polished. Any mirror and light fixture above the sink is then wiped down. The towels are neatly fold and rehung, and floor mats are vacuumed and folded out of the way to prepare for vacuuming and washing the floor.

You may request bathroom wall washing for an additional charge.

Floor washing DEEP CLEANING

Here at Home in Hand we use Polycare on all of our floor surfaces. This product is earth friendly, bio-degradable and non-residue leaving. Which means your floors will not only be clean and shiny, but they will be safe for your entire family to walk on.

Bed Service

Sometimes life can get super hectic and we just don’t have the time to get to some things that need attention in ours homes.

Just leave out the clean linens and we will change them for you. When you get home from a long day, your bed will be neatly made fresh and waiting for you to sleep soundly in it.

Kitchen cleaning

Every visit you can expect your kitchen to shine and be sanitized for you meal preparation. General clean includes all the cabinets washed including around the handles. The backsplash and counter are washed and any leftover food residue disposed of. The window above the sink washed. The stove top is dismantled if applicable, the grates are soaked in degreaser, and the stove top cleaned. All appliances on the counter are cleaned and catch trays washed. Stainless steel is polished and any other non stainless large appliances are washed. The sink is the scrubbed, including the seal around the sink, the faucet scrubbed around and polished.

Services can include the inside of the oven, inside of refridgerator, under sink cabinet for an additional charge.



Wether its a move-in/out cleaning, a spring clean, a special occasion clean or any other number of reason to do a little extra we offer a number of services including:

Oven, refridgerator, above stovetop hood, walls, windows, light fixtures, washing ceiling fans, interior cabinets, and washing woodwork.

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